Life behind the lens - Why I Shoot Boudoir

Why Boudoir? What is Boudoir even about?

Let's start from the beginning.

I'm a people person. Photographing people is definitely a form of communication. Ever since I picked up the camera, I made the effort to take pictures of the most natural beauty. Photographing real woman and men rather than focusing on 'models' for the job. I always did that because I felt it was way more empowering for the person in front of the camera and especially for me.

I was photographing so many men and woman and always got the same comments such as: 'I don't like me nose', 'I hate my hair' etc. etc. 

Who doesn't question their beauty? Who doesn't have those moments looking at the mirror criticizing their very own self? We all kind of have that thing we wish we can change.

But suddenly the: "Hey! Wow! Is that even me?" comments came and I understood these comments were always the real incentive and the real excitement for me.

For me Boudoir is not just a field of photography, it is an experience of self love, acceptance and body positivism. Some might even relate to it as a form of therapy.

Learn to accept your very special and very own beauty. Understand that actually, the nose you were just criticizing, happens to be part of your special smile lighting up the room as you enter. 

Self loving is just something one needs to learn for him or her self. It is a process we might be undergoing for our entire life! But I guarantee, you will feel totally different after a Boudoir photo session.

Boudoir might be exactly what you may need, and I would really encourage you to take this journey with your inner self.

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