Using what we've got!

When I just started my photography journey, I really enjoyed controlling light as much as possible using studio strobes and speedlights. Nowadays, although I still occasionally do use artificial lighting, I really prefer using natural/ ambient light.

Using what we've got and loving light! Image taken in The Boudoir Experience Workshop | Nicosia, Cyprus

As much as I found it easier to control the light on set with the use of strobes I was missing the natural feel of the images. That is why I decided about a year ago to focus only on natural light. It took some practice, a few horrible sessions, but finally, I got the hold of it! Ever since, I travel with 1 camera and 1 lens, no extras. I use what I've got to create my images.

I find displaying the natural look, to be something so powerful and pleasant to the eye, and I really relate to it and feel it is what I was looking for.

The image above was taken using solely the light from the window. I've posed the model on the cupboard to allow the light just to touch her and create the contrast with her body. I've used for this image, taken in The Boudoir Experience Workshop | Nicosia, Cyprus, nothing but what I've got: home window, furniture and light. All put together with a gorgeous model to create a story.

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