What is boudoir?

There are actually a few ways of answering this million dollar question. The short version of an answer would be something like: Boudoir is an intimate type of portraiture, usually of woman.

This specific type of portrait photography is meant to make women feel beautiful, as all are! and show their REAL beautiful selves.

These intimate pictures have sometimes are given by women as gifts to their significant others! There are several uses for a nice gift such as a Boudoir album: bridal boudoir albums, anniversaries, birthday sessions, etc.

But that is just the simple way of looking at it! Really, keep on reading!

This might sound such a cliche, but Boudoir is not just about taking sexy pictures nude or in lingerie, it is absolutely way more than that.

Boudoir is all about self-love, acceptance and body positivity. It is about gaining that confidence to love who you are, they way you are.

For myself, as a boudoir photographer, the main objective is to make women see what I see, which is their very own beautiful self, and love who they are. No matter what body shape, body weight or size they have, no matter the stretch marks, the scars, the birth marks or wounds on their body. No matter what you might have been through in your life, the experiences, good and bad. All the above is a part of who you are! They are all part of your beautiful self. It’s time to love yourself!

Sometimes you just need someone to show you how beautiful you are and that is where I step into the picture.


The true highlight of the session is the glow on your face when you see your very own Boudoir album come to life. The moment you finally see your beauty at its glory.

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